Raindance Classic Overhead shower 240 1jet with shower arm


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Product description

-consists of: overhead shower, shower arm

-shower head size: 270 mm

-spray type: RainAir

-shower arm length: 390 mm

-ball-joint: overhead shower angle adjustable

-maximum flow rate at 3 bar: 19 l/min

-flow rate RainAir spray (at 3 bar): 19 l/min

-material spray disc: metal

-spray disc removable for cleaning

-installation: wall

-connection thread G ½

-connection dimension: DN15

<p>-consists of: overhead shower, shower arm</p><p>-shower head size: 270 mm</p><p>-spray type: RainAir</p><p>-shower arm length: 390 mm</p><p>-ball-joint: overhead shower angle adjustable</p><p>-maximum flow rate at 3 bar: 19 l/min</p><p>-flow rate RainAir spray (at 3 bar): 19 l/min</p><p>-material spray disc: metal</p><p>-spray disc removable for cleaning</p><p>-installation: wall</p><p>-connection thread G ½</p><p>-connection dimension: DN15</p>
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