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Basic A

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Product description

This Bathroom Set Includes all the Bathroom fittings & Sanitaryware you need to create your dream Bathroom in a Budget.

Basin Area

- Under counter Basin x 1

- Basin mixer x 1

- Angle Valve x 2

Shower Area

- Shower x 1

- Shower arm x 1

- Divertor x 1

- Divertor internal x 1

- Bath Spout x 1

Toilet Area

- Water closet (wc) x 1

- Seat cover x 1

- Concealed tank x 1

- Flush plate x 1

- Health faucet x 1

- Angle valve x 1

- Comfort prs x 1

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Basin Area -Basin -Basin mixer - 2 Angle Valve Shower Area Shower Area -Shower - Shower arm - Divertor - Divertor internal - Bath Spout Toilet Area -Water closet (wc) -Seat cover -Concealed tank -Flush plate -Health faucet -Angle valve -Comfort prs
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