AXOR CITTERIO E Shower set 0.90 m with hand shower 120 3jet


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₹ 87,050 INR
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Product description

"-consists of: hand shower, shower bar, shower hose, slider

-shower head size: 120 mm

-spray type: Rain, RainAir, WhirlAir

-convenient diversion via Select button

-pivot connector prevent hose from tangling

-maximum flow rate at 3 bar: 15 l/min

-bar width: 30 mm

-wall supports of metal"

<p>"-consists of: hand shower, shower bar, shower hose, slider</p><p>-shower head size: 120 mm</p><p>-spray type: Rain, RainAir, WhirlAir</p><p>-convenient diversion via Select button</p><p>-pivot connector prevent hose from tangling</p><p>-maximum flow rate at 3 bar: 15 l/min</p><p>-bar width: 30 mm</p><p>-wall supports of metal"</p>
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