November 12, 2020
What are the benefits of soft close toilet seats?

You can solve more problems than you think by installing a toilet with self closing toilet seat.These are practical and quiet alternatives..


You can solve more problems than you think by installing a toilet with self closing toilet seat. These are practical and quiet alternatives to traditional toilet seats.

The functional and modern designs means the seat closes in a controlled manner with just a gesture from you. These seats with their nifty toilet seat hinges will most likely be in everyone’s bathrooms someday.

If you haven’t upgraded already, then you’ll want to read about a few reasons how they can make life in the bathroom easier (not to mention, smoother and quieter).

A slow close toilet seat is basically one that closes on its own as soon as you start to push it down.

We have outlined the main reasons why a soft close toilet seat is a comfortable and helpful addition to any bathroom.

Minimal Noise

Soft close toilet seats are almost impossible to slam and won't cause a loud clatter should you lose a grip. Compared to noisy traditional toilet seats, a soft close seat creates almost no noise, making it a great choice to ensure privacy in your bathroom. The quiet sound of these seats is useful for families with small children who have trouble with closing seats properly without losing their grip.

Soft close toilet seats can also benefit households where late-night bathroom trips are a regular occurrence. If family members need to use the bathroom frequently during the night, a soft close toilet seat is a more discreet option which reduces the risk of noise disturbing those sleeping. The accessibility of the design makes it more comfortable to use for anyone visiting the toilet in the middle of the night, so everyone can sleep easy.

The benefits of a slow close toilet seat are numerous. The biggest of course is that you’ll never have a seat slam down again with a soft close toilet seat.

Kids or adults not paying attention can let go of the seat without the consequences of a loud noise when the seat hits the stool.

This not only alleviates being startled, but it helps those who may be sleeping, such as in the middle of the night.

Easier Maintenance

Soft close toilet seats are simpler to clean than their traditional counterparts. They often come with a quick release function, which allows you to remove the toilet seat completely. This enables you to clean the toilet more thoroughly without wrestling with the seat, helping you to remove grime and dirt with ease.

The majority of soft close toilet seats are made of bacteria-resistant plastic or vinyl. This makes them less at risk of mould or mildew build up in comparison to older toilet seats, and so they don't require such frequent cleaning.

Safer Use

Soft close seats are a must for households with small children, allowing them to use the toilet with ease without the risk of fingers getting injured or trapped by a heavy seat. Compared to traditional toilet seats, which are easily opened and closed too forcefully, a soft close seat shuts at the same controlled rate regardless of how much pressure is applied to it. Not only does this slow closing create less noise than traditional styles, it also minimises the impact of the seat on the toilet. The repeated impact caused by slamming a traditional toilet seat closed can cause damage to your toilet bowl over time. A soft close seat absorbs the shock of this impact, reducing the risk of harm to both the toilet and the seat itself. 

Additionally, a seat that can’t slam closed is a safer one. This is especially true for little ones with tiny hands and fingers, not to mention, a pet who likes to drink from the bowl!

Easy Installation

If you are buying a new toilet you will find that they often come with a soft close seat as standard. Fitting a soft close seat to an existing toilet is a very quick and straight forward process, even for DIY novices. Providing you have a flat-head screwdriver, you will find most soft close seats very easy to install or remove - check our handy guide for instructions.

Soft close seats are an asset to any bathroom, providing a comfortable solution for everyday use of the toilet. Whatever the shape or style of your toilet, we have a soft closing seat for you.

Keeps things clean

Slow close toilet seats are more sanitary too. That’s because there is a little less touching and handling of the seat to get it closed.

That means fewer just “dirtied” hands grabbing the lid; but what’s better is that many models come with removable toilet seat hinges.

Sometimes referred to as “lift-off” toilet seat hings, this design allows you to clean more easily around the toilet seat hinge area. We all know how difficult that is!

Helps Get Your Toilet Lids Closed

Believe it or not, consumers are saying family members are more apt to actually close the lid after installing a slow close toilet seat.

Maybe it’s because it’s just easier and way more convenient? It is less work, indeed.

Or perhaps because it’s just so cool in concept. Anyone, who’s dealt with standard seats for years, loves the novelty of a slow close seat. The coolness factor alone might just end a lot of marital arguments too!

Better Quality Seats

What’s more is that the hinges aren’t your ordinary toilet seat hinge, beyond the ability they perform to close your toilet seat slowly.

Most of these products are built a little better than your average toilet seat. In other words, the hinges are of higher quality, thus more durable and will last a longer time.

Get a quality model, and you can use it for many many years.

We have numerous options to chose from please click on toilet area section to see the products.

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