January 21, 2021
Traditional bathroom with graceful design in the Classic style

A Classic bathroom owes its individual character to the combination of modern spatial planning, innovative technology and charming design...

Classic, upscale ambience

Traditional bathroom with graceful design in the Classic style

With traditional design, a classic bathroom ties in with earlier bathroom culture. Curved lines, bright tones and gold accents enrich the ambience. The traditional style of furnishing makes a playful, yet at the same time elegant impression. Taps and mixers in Hansgrohe’s Classic ranges are perfectly in keeping with classic bathroom design. Behind smooth shapes, they conceal innovative technologies.

Classical bathroom with nostalgic taps.
In the classic bathroom, decorative interior details create a graceful atmosphere. Traditional shapes are combined with pioneering technologies.

Classic bathroom with a mischievous charm and a homely atmosphere

A Classic bathroom owes its individual character to the combination of modern spatial planning, innovative technology and charming design elements. Whether you prefer the clarity of modern architecture or the elegance of a stylish old building: a bathroom in a traditional look will blend seamlessly into any environment and will add a personal touch to your home. Contemporary room design forms the basis for an elegant link to earlier bathroom culture.

  • Wall surfaces in pure white, tiles in pastel tones and bathroom furniture in bright shades create a light atmosphere in rooms of any size.
  • A lavish lighting concept accentuates the homely aura of a classic interior design. Large windows or access to the outside, but also custom-designed artificial lighting also improve the spatial effect.
  • In a traditionally furnished bathroom, space-defining measures such as visually separating the spa area from the functional area enhance the character of the interior décor.
  • A free-standing bath tub embodies the cosy feel of the traditional bath house. By contrast, the floor-level shower area offers modern freedom of movement.
  • The selection of high-quality materials and innovative technologies facilitates sustainable comfort and the responsible use of precious resources.

In a well-planned bathroom, the stylish combination of traditional furnishing details creates a classic atmosphere. Graceful forms, playful accessories, gold décor and cherished heirlooms enhance the room and create a homely ambience.

Single lever tap in graceful design

Taps with elegantly sweeping shapes and fine gold accents embody the highest standards of craftsmanship, and blend in perfectly with classic bathroom design.

Basin tap with golden segments in a classic bathroom.

Traditional shapes and innovative technologies in the classic bathroom

In the Classic bathroom, mixers and showers play a key role as design elements. Contemporary materials and technologies are combined with traditional shapes and decorative details.

  • The graceful mixers from the Metris Classic range combine the charm of bygone times with a sense of modern effortlessness. A minimalist design with classically interpreted lines accentuates the traditional interior design style in the bathroom.
  • The Metropol Classic range adds high-quality accents. Taps and mixers for wash basins, bath tubs and bidets, as well as overhead and hand showers, form an aesthetic ensemble in the stylish interior. Charming: their elegant sweeping lines and fine details in gold finish.
  • With their vibrant charisma, the mixers from the Logis Classic range play a leading role in the traditionally furnished bathroom. Their precision design appears buoyant and well-balanced. Expressive surfaces in elegant chrome are a pleasure to touch.
  • The Talis Classic mixer range adds graceful beauty to the bathroom with its minimalist shapes and traditional stylistic elements. Their soft geometric design with elegantly curved lines creates individual highlights, but at the same time remains unobtrusive.
  • In the shower, the round overhead and hand showers in the Raindance Classic range offer contemporary water indulgence. Surfaces in chrome or chrome and gold finish blend in seamlessly with the classic ambience.

The mixers in the Hansgrohe Classic style create highlights in an upscale ambience. An aesthetically sophisticated design merges with functional perfection, ensuring the enjoyable and responsible use of water and energy.

This Blog is written by: Hansgrohe

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