November 12, 2020
How to Create a luxurious bathroom

Most of us dream of a luxurious bathroom space in which to kick back, relax and unwind.After a long day of dealing with the mundane tasks...


Most of us dream of a luxurious bathroom space in which to kick back, relax and unwind.

After a long day of dealing with the mundane tasks we all must face, there is nothing better than getting the chance to switch off in a luxurious bathroom oasis.

But how can you turn your bathroom into that luxury space?

What do you need to add, take away or change to make your bathroom as indulgent as it can be?

Thankfully, we know quite a bit about bathrooms at Bath Affair, so we put together this ultimate list of ways to create a luxurious bathroom space.


A set of rolled towels neatly stored in a small basket

A simple, affordable and stylish way to add a touch of spa-style luxury to your bathroom, rolled up towels may not seem like the most important aspect of a luxury bathroom, but they’ll instantly enhance the feeling of opulence in the space.

In any bathroom, every little bit of space counts, and organizing your towels like this is a great way to make the most of your bathroom space and give any visitors the impression they’ve stumbled into a Hotel.


A black towel ring holding a grey bath towel

Alternatively – if rolling towels isn’t something you have the time or patience for, invest in some seriously stylish robe and towel hooks to keep those towels neat and tidy.

Hanging towels shows a care and attention that you’ll often find in a luxury hotel bathroom, so even if it’s just for you, at least you’ll feel like you’re on holiday whenever you pay a visit to the loo!

Depending on your tastes, you could opt for traditionally styled chrome finishes, or if you prefer to “style it dark” you could always choose the more modern Milano Nero range of accessories.

Duravit: Hotel One & Only, Maldives


From recessed shelving beside your bathtub to making the best use of that difficult space above your toilet, open shelving can be a luxurious touch that looks great in both small and large bathrooms alike.

The best bit about open shelving is that it doesn’t always require a huge renovation to get right.

You may not always fit much on them, but open shelves can make the most of even the most awkward spaces in a bathroom, giving a feeling of luxury without a great deal of effort.

For a neat and tidy finish (more on that later) put your essentials in apothecary jars, so you always have what you need to hand.

A large wooden shelfDescription automatically generated


Nothing is less luxurious than a bathroom that is cluttered with shampoo and shower gel bottles.

A stray tube of toothpaste, bottle of bubble bath or a sticky soap dish can turn any bathroom into a grungy cluttered mess.

With a little purging of everything but the absolute essentials, you’ll soon see a difference in the space.

Toss out anything you haven’t used for the past 12 months and if you must buy a dozen bottles of your favourite moisturiser, store them away somewhere else – there’s really no need to have them all on show at once!

The basic rule for any luxury bathroom is to keep your counters and surfaces as clear as possible.

Your basin area should really only ever feature a tray with a soap dispenser and perhaps a simple (rolled?) hand towel – less is sometimes more when it comes to luxury.


Even the smallest of luxury bathrooms can benefit from a single stemmed flower or a simple leaf in a vase.

Consider floral decorations and arrange leftover petals or flowers in a countertop bowl for an added touch of glamour.

Including plants and flowers in your luxury bathroom will not only look good but they can boost your mood, reduce stress, and purify the air – so should definitely be a feature you include!


No luxury bathroom is complete without a standout centerpiece bathtub.

That said, the idea of tearing out your old tub to replace it with an attractive freestanding design can seem a little daunting, but your freestanding tub doesn’t have to go in the centre of the room.

Standalone baths can just as easily be placed against a wall and replace your old P-shaped tub with ease.

As an attractive and different finishing touch, you could also raise the bath up on a platform to hide away unsightly pipework and create a space that is devoted to rest and relaxation.


A room with a sink and a mirrorDescription automatically generated

It sounds like an oxymoron, but it is perfectly achievable if you select the right materials.

Consider hard woods and concrete to create clean and simple silhouettes that enhance the feeling of luxury with minimal effort.

Having a bathroom that epitomizes this minimalist luxury aesthetic can help to develop the entire design theme of your home too.

As we’ve stated, the bathroom is the place where you relax, unwind and luxuriate and having an entirely stripped back, minimal feel can only serve to enhance that feeling of relaxation.


A clean bathroom is what everyone should desire, and the key to a luxury bathroom space is basic neatness and cleanliness.

As the ultimate host for all manner of bacteria, you should be cleaning your bathroom at least once a week.

From scrubbing down tiling, to disinfecting the toilet, bathtub and basin, no self-respecting “luxury” bathroom should ever be dirty, so keep on top of the cleaning!


A picture containing indoor, table, sitting, smallDescription automatically generated

You may think that a luxury bathroom must be all about the monochrome style but adding a touch of the “right” colours can create as much as a luxury vibe as black and white can.

Combine a metallic gold/bronze brassware with natural earthy tones & materials to create a striking luxury vibe that will turn the heads of any friends and family that visit.


The absolute pinnacle in practical luxury, double basins are the mainstay of high-end hotel chic and are undoubtedly a stylish and worthy addition to a shared bathroom space.

Whether you opt for freestanding basins or a double countertop, the can be no doubt about the level of luxury that a double basin area adds to a bathroom.

Add an extra touch of style and luxury and opt for monobloc basin taps too – these will further enhance the chic spa-like hotel vibe.

It is crisp, clean, dripping in simple luxury (not literally, of course) and leads us very nicely into our very next point.


A double sink and large mirrorDescription automatically generated

Many Indian bathrooms are often on the smaller side, so not only will a large bathroom mirror help to create the illusion of more space – and make the room much lighter – it will also enhance the feeling of luxury in the room.

This approach works even better if you can reflect a statement piece in the mirror, such as a freestanding bath, designer towel radiator or statement lighting feature.

Whether you opt for round or square or some unusual shape to complement the bathroom space, consider going for a bathroom mirror that looks too big for the room.

It may not sound like a great idea when you first consider it, but the effect it can have on making the space appear larger and more luxurious cannot be discounted.


Updating and improving your bathroom is not an inexpensive exercise.

Quite frankly, if you are selecting from a range of the luxury options here at Bath Affair, you are not going to get the entire suite replaced on the cheap!

So, if your budget is limited, investing in one statement piece of luxury bathroom furniture could be an effective solution.

Most toilets and baths tend to be the same regardless of the type of bathroom you have, so, if you are going to go for a single item, I’d recommend focusing on the basin area – namely your vanity unit.

Putting your money and energy into this space can function as a great focal point and make a dramatic difference to the overall appeal of your bathroom.

So, replacing your basic basin with a stylish countertop vanity unit, adding a touch of nature with a selection of dried flowers or pampas grass and finishing off the look with cool and crisp chrome brassware fittings could be all you need to turn the drab into the luxurious!

So, there you have it, our tips on making your bathroom the luxury space you deserve.

What ideas do you have on turning a plain and boring bathroom into a striking abode of luxurious opulence?

Let us know on, and if they’re good enough, we might even take the time to write a new piece and feature your suggestions.

Who knows?

Till next time – think big, dream bigger!

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